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Here at Enco every job starts with a detailed consultation to find out exactly what the clients needs are. Then you will have a follow up meeting and be presented with a solution to best fit your requirements and budget. All staff including voice consultants have an engineering background and keep up to date with the latest fast moving technology in the telecoms industry.


Enco Associates offer a wide range of support contracts from industry standard to 24/7 coverage, along with on site support teams and bespoke contracts tailored to your requirements. The philosophy to offer service, support and quality is extended across all our product portfolio, together with value for money and leading manufacturer guarantees.


All our engineers are highly trained. As with the sale of the system, the installation is meticulously planned, from the structured cabling, installation of the switch. With on site support when the system goes live and follow up support to make sure everything runs smoothly

"Enco's willingness to succeed is your peace of mind"

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